How to Create a Personal Wine Cellar

In Italy wine cellars are everywhere, some are simple others are elaborate, some date back centuries others are modern and full of technology.  In America the idea of a wine cellar seems somewhat distant, reminiscent of the old world. Most wine enthusiasts would never consider an actual wine cellar as even being a possibility, settling […]

Is a Wine Rack or Wine Cooler Best?

Wine racks are a great and beautiful way to store your wine. When a wine rack is installed properly in the right environment it can help to conserve your wine and age it properly.  Wine racks are also a great way to showcase your wine and add a nice decoration to any room. If you […]

Reasons to Buy a Wine Cooler

Wine has been around and enjoyed for thousands of years, in contrast wine cooler refrigerators are a recent invention. Many think of wine coolers as optional or non necessary items, others swear by them and think everyone should have a wine cooler in their home. This article will explain in a neutral way why wine […]

5 Italian Designers of Bridal Shoes that You Should Consider!

Any shoe enthusiast knows that Italian shoes are among the best in the world. The quality materials combined with centuries of expertise and passion for the perfect product has lead to an intimate industry of quality and artistic demonstrations. Italy rightfully has the reputation of being a top shoe producer. A bride’s wedding day is […]

Why Your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Need to Be White.

It seems to be an unwritten law that every bride wear white, however, it hasn’t always been this way. Throughout Italy there are several traditional customs that were used and I haven’t found any that included a white wedding dress until recent times. The Tuscans would actually use the opposite, a black wedding dress. They […]

Understanding Italian Wedding Dinners

Italian wedding feasts have a sort of mythical reputation around the world. If you have ever attended one you know why! Attending an authentic Italian dinner can be an amazing and unforgettable experience. Planning an Italian wedding dinner can also be a great way to make your special day even more unforgettable. Both can, however, […]

5 Reasons to Get Married in Italy!

It seems to be in our very nature to want to do special things in a unique and different way than than others. This is especially the case when it comes to weddings! Nobody wants their wedding to seem just like someone else’s. Country and outdoor weddings are definitely in style right now and they […]

Buy a Wedding Dress Straight From Italy!

Italy is world renowned for its high quality wedding dresses. However, most of us would have a hard time organizing a shopping trip to Rome or Milan in order to buy a wedding dress. Thanks to the internet it is now possible to buy an Italian wedding dress without having to leave the county… actually […]

“Italianate” and Italian Architecture

Italian villas are world-renowned for their elegance, beauty and rustic luxury. What makes the Italian style of architecture so special? This article will examine the basics of this style and give some tips and tricks to create a personalized design. What is Italian design? The Italian architectural style generally features low and high pitched roofs, […]

How to create a Tuscan Style Bedroom

If you have ever slept in a well designed tuscan villa then you know how incredible of an emotion it is to wake up in a beautifully decorated Tuscan style bedroom. From the moment you open your eyes you feel a mixture of joy, serenity, and satisfaction.  It would be a great thing to feel […]