5 Italian Designers of Bridal Shoes that You Should Consider!

Any shoe enthusiast knows that Italian shoes are among the best in the world. The quality materials combined with centuries of expertise and passion for the perfect product has lead to an intimate industry of quality and artistic demonstrations. Italy rightfully has the reputation of being a top shoe producer.

A bride’s wedding day is the most special day in her life, therefore it is only natural to want the best, and as far as shoes go: Italian is the best! This article will briefly consider 5 of our favorite Italian shoe designers. It is our hope that this article can help you find that perfect shoe for your perfect day.



Sergio Rossi’s Bridal Shoe Collection

Sergio Rossi inherited his father’s tools and trade, his passion pushed him to excel and brought him to Milan in order to learn the the secrets of the maestros in his art. Rossi’s passion, his talent, and his acquaintance with Gianni Versace catapulted him into the heart of the fashion industry. 

The result was perfection, a perfect balance between beauty, comfort, and luxury. From his small shop in his early days, down to his modern empire, Sergio Rossi has never forsaken quality craftsmanship. His official website states, “Skillful artisans have been hand creating Sergio Rossi shoes for the past 50 years. The perfect pair requires 120 steps and 14 hours of work.

Sergio Rossi’s Bridal collection is definitely a great place to start your search for the perfect bridal shoe. 

Giordano Dieci – DOMO ADAMI Bridal Shoes

Giordano Dieci is another firm from Milan, the Italian fashion capital. They have been producing quality shoes for over 60 years and have done work for some of the best Italian firms.

Their website states, “Not only have our shoes won International Awards, but around 50 styles have been selected to be housed in the permanent archive collection at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

The DOMO ADAMI wedding collection is a true work of art. The blue leather soles are a unique way for the bride to include “something blue”. The quality shoes are handcrafted in Italy using only the finest Italian materials which ensure impeccable quality. 


Aquazzurra Handcrafted Shoes

Aquaazzurra is a company from Florence Italy that takes a lot of pride in producing high quality hand made shoes that could be considered works of art. They have a very wide selection of wedding shoes and you surely will not have any problem finding one o match your dress.




LoriBlu is another prestigious, 100% Made in Italy, Italian shoe producer that has an extensive wedding shoe line. I like the way their website describes the unique line that makes extensive use of Swarovski crystals. “The loriblu bride is a woman of fairy-tale style and elegance: loriblu Wedding shoes are delicate creations featuring combinations of precious materials like satin and suede as well as prized lace effect laser processing. delicate designs beautifully embellished with constellations of Swarovski elements: this is loriblu Wedding shoes, the best of made in Italy style and elegance for every woman’s unforgettable day.”


Valentino Wedding Shoes

We will end our list with a classic, Valentino. Valentino is a household name when it comes to Italian Fashion in general and their shoes are worthy of the name! 

Valentino’s Rockstud Pumps are a very popular choice among fashion conscious brides and are unmistakable at first glance. comfort and elegance are masterfully combined in all of Valentio’s shoes and they are always a safe choice.



Whichever shoes you decide to purchase for your wedding, you will not regret buying a quality pair of Made in Italy shoes. There is an endless array of choices online, so don’t get overwhelmed. When you see something that hits your heart save it in a portfolio, once you have several favorites go back and figure out which one is more practical and which one goes better with your dress.

We hope you enjoy your search for the perfect pair of wedding shoes!