5 Reasons to Get Married in Italy!

It seems to be in our very nature to want to do special things in a unique and different way than than others. This is especially the case when it comes to weddings! Nobody wants their wedding to seem just like someone else’s.

Country and outdoor weddings are definitely in style right now and they are starting to all look alike, there is, however, a style of country wedding that is sure to be unique and hasn’t been overdone yet.  Italian country weddings!

Most people don’t quickly associate Italy with country life, however, agriculture remains the main occupation for most of the boot shaped country. If you look close enough it’s actually a cowboy boot shape with a spur and all 😉

Another reason that many “country folk” are enticed by  the idea of an Italian wedding is that  many of us have Italian background. Here in upstate NY all farming communities have at least a few families with Italian last names. Usually because their grandparents came from farming communities in Italy and felt at home in the countryside.

In addition there are several other good reasons to get married in Italy listed below:

1) Italy is one of the Most Romantic Places on the Planet!


Everything right down to the air that you breathe in Italy has a romantic scent. From the scenery to the culture and mentality, it seems that everything about Italy draws couples passionately together.

Just for this reason alone it is hard to imagine a better place fro a couple to start their life together as one!

2) The Food and Wine!


Italian food is renowned all around the world, and for good reasons! Italians live to eat and drink! The quality and taste of their food is of utmost importance.

Many couples in the states choose an Italian theme for their wedding meals, however, what could be better than a truly authentic Italian meal prepared by Italians in Italy!

3) Italy Provides a Great and Unique variety of Settings.


The above picture was taken on a sunflower field, there are plenty of these in Italy to choose from if you plan the month right.

The most obvious choice for a country wedding in Italy would be a tuscan farmhouse, but you could also choose a southern cantina with its’ wine vineyards. Have you ever dreamed about a fairytale wedding in a real castle? In Italy you can do just that. Of course you could also get married on a scenic cliff on the Island of Capri, a first-class luxury hotel, a historic villa or even at the foot of an ancient volcano.

The intriguing options go on and on…

4) Italy is an Amazing Honeymoon Destination!


For the very reason that Italy is such a romantic place you will have no trouble finding amazing places for your special trip. Whether you choose the romantic annals of Venice, strolling the streets of Romeo and Juliette’s’ hometown of Verona, cruising around the Isle of Capri or one of the other hundreds of unforgettable choices, you will not be let down!

Imagine being able to start your wedding in one of these destinations and continue right into your honeymoon!

5: The Great Climate



Italy has a mild climate and in most areas doesn’t rain very much in the summer time. This makes it even easier to enjoy the amazing backdrop of your wedding and honeymoon.

Of course even if it does rain on your wedding, the romantic atmosphere in Italy just seems to be enhanced on a rainy day.

A Personal Note

This website isn’t dedicated to personal experiences, however, in this article I have to make and exception! This subject has special meaning coming from me since my wedding and honeymoon were in Italy.

We were married in a small seaside village in Abruzzo and then went on to celebrate our reception in a historic villa amidst centuries old vineyards and olive groves. The atmosphere along with the food and drink were AMAZING!

We then went on to enjoy an unforgettable honeymoon between the romantic streets of Verona and a natural hot spring spa along Lago di Garda. It still seems surreal, if it weren’t for the pictures I think I would wonder if it were a dream or really happened 🙂

Anyway, if you are considering getting married in Italy I can tell you firsthand that it is an amazing choice!