5 Reasons to Get Married in Italy!

It seems to be in our very nature to want to do special things in a unique and different way than than others. This is especially the case when it comes to weddings! Nobody wants their wedding to seem just like someone else’s. Country and outdoor weddings are definitely in style right now and they […]

Buy a Wedding Dress Straight From Italy!

Italy is world renowned for its high quality wedding dresses. However, most of us would have a hard time organizing a shopping trip to Rome or Milan in order to buy a wedding dress. Thanks to the internet it is now possible to buy an Italian wedding dress without having to leave the county… actually […]

“Italianate” and Italian Architecture

Italian villas are world-renowned for their elegance, beauty and rustic luxury. What makes the Italian style of architecture so special? This article will examine the basics of this style and give some tips and tricks to create a personalized design. What is Italian design? The Italian architectural style generally features low and high pitched roofs, […]

How to create a Tuscan Style Bedroom

If you have ever slept in a well designed tuscan villa then you know how incredible of an emotion it is to wake up in a beautifully decorated Tuscan style bedroom. From the moment you open your eyes you feel a mixture of joy, serenity, and satisfaction.  It would be a great thing to feel […]

5 Tips to Create a Rustic Italian Kitchen

Rustic Italian decor combines smooth and rough elements in a way that only Italians could have come up with. The striking contrasts of smooth and rough, light and dark along with natural lighting create an atmosphere that is elegant and charming while being humble and down to earth at the same time. When done right […]

Espresso Machines

The hardest thing for me when I moved from Italy to NY was finding good coffee! I tried very hard to find a good coffee bar. Starbucks were everywhere, but the high prices, low quality, and the teenage baristas that didn’t know what they were doing made me decide not to go back. I finally […]

Riva Yachts – an Italian Legacy!

  Riva is world renowned for its’ first-class yachts. The style, the elegance, the emotion that Riva creates are all unmistakable. However, it wasn’t always this way… Riva yachts had humble beginnings. Humble, however, doesn’t mean boring or normal… THE BEGINNINGS It was 1842 an Northern Italy had just been through a devastatingly powerful storm, […]

Italians & the Sea

The Italians are no strangers to the sea, their love affair with sailing the Mediterranean and beyond goes back literally thousands of years! The ancient Romans were excellent craftsman and their ships were both revered and feared in all of the ancient world.   The Venetians continued the tradition with an amazing history that goes […]

How to Choose Just The Right Wine for the Right Dish

It’s no secret that a glass of wine can change its’ flavor and adapt to its’ surroundings, or that the food we eat can either drastically improve the wine that we drink or take away from its grandeur.  WINE PAIRING The secret is how can you combine the right wine with the right food. How to do […]

Ferrari: 70 Years and Counting 

A legend was born on March 12, 1947. That was the very day that the young, aspiring Italian mechanic Enzo Ferrari revved up the engine of the first car to bear his name the mythical 125 S. It was an amazing car for its’ time. The 125 S helped catapult his car into the racing […]