Big Names In Italian Music

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Do you wish you listened to more Italian music? If you are interested in Italy’s music scene, you should take a closer look at some of the country’s biggest musical acts. Italy is full of talent, and Italian artists have produced music that could appeal to anyone’s taste.

Here are a few music acts you’ll want to listen to:

Adriano Celentano

Adriano Celentano is something of a jack-of-all-trades. While he is a best-selling music artist in Italy, he is also an actor, a comedian, and even a film director.

He has been releasing successful singles for several decades. While one of his most popular singles, Il ragazzo della via Gluck, was released back in the 1960s, he is still putting out successful singles to this day. One of his more recent songs, Mai nella vita, was a big hit.

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli isn’t just famous in Italy; people know his name all over the world. Bocelli is a classically trained tenor, and many people are enthralled by the sound of his voice.

Internationally, one of his best-known songs is The Prayer, which he recorded with Canadian artist Celine Dion. Time to Say Goodbye, a duet with Sarah Brightman, was also a hit. In Italy, his 1996 album Viaggio Italiano was particularly popular.

Eiffel 65

Eiffel 65 is another Italian act that has received international recognition. They smashed charts all over theItalian Music Indicates Sound Track And Audio world with their song Blue (Da Ba Dee). Their follow-up single, move your body, was also a big hit.

In addition to their original singles, Eiffel 65 are known for remixing tracks released by other artists. Their remixes are frequently played in clubs, and are also played on Italian radio stations.


Alexia, whose real name is Alessia Aquilani, is one of Italy’s most famous singers. She has sold well over 7 million records, and has released a number of top 10 singles.

One of Alexia’s most popular singles is Biancaneve, a duet that she recorded with Mario Lavezzi. Songs like Grande Coraggio and Guardarti Dentro have also done very well.

Cristina D’Avena

When you hear the theme song for an Italian movie or TV show, there is a very good chance that that song was recorded by Cristina D’Avena. To date, she has recorded more than 700 theme songs.

Although D’Avena is famous for singing theme songs, she is popular in her own right. The albums she has released, like Magia di Natale, have sold extremely well.


Giuseppe Mango, who passed away in 2014, was one of Italy’s most famous singer-songwriters. He was known for his incredible vocal range; he could hit notes that few male singers could hit.

He was also known for his creative style. He frequently combined genres, releasing hit singles that sounded like nothing else on the radio.

While only a handful of Italian artists have achieved international fame, the Italian music scene is thriving. There are a number of talented artists working in Italy, and many of them have had very long careers.