Buy a Wedding Dress Straight From Italy!

Italy is world renowned for its high quality wedding dresses. However, most of us would have a hard time organizing a shopping trip to Rome or Milan in order to buy a wedding dress.

Thanks to the internet it is now possible to buy an Italian wedding dress without having to leave the county… actually you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home!


What about fitting my wedding dress? This is usually the first question that comes up when thinking about buying online. It may seem difficult, however, it really isn’t!

The important thing is to know exactly what size you are. This is easier than many think, is you are a bit nervous you can simply go to a local tailor or department store and ask for some assistance in getting your measurements. A quick google search will help you understand Italian sizes if the website doesn’t have the option of using American sizes.



One site that we are proud to recommend is:

The following was taken from their website and it explains very well why they are so successful:

Italian Renaissance

Well-balanced dimensions, transient colors, floating fabrics that caress the bodies in a gentle dance. Alessandra Rinaudo Bridal Couture is a tribute to the elegance and Italian Style.

Each element expresses a desire to discover and represent the beauty in all its forms and aspects. The lightness of volumes and cuts, the magical texture of the most exclusive Italian silks, the romantic design and the floral pattern of French laces printed and flocked fabrics exclusively created for the designer.

Unstructured feminine bodices “tattoo effect” to enhance backs and caress low-cut necklines, sensual and unexpected splits, dynamics and rich skirts. From absolutely innovative soft dresses, sensual and refined mermaids, to princess ballgowns, nothing is obvious. Each design reflects the mood of the collection and art of Italian craftsmanship.

Alessandra Rinaudo’s Bride is richly adorned, the protagonist in her sensual and sophisticated elegance. It is a painting, an expression of Italian Art and design. This unique collection is completed with the sumptuous Italian elegance of the designer, according to an exquisite and timeless elegance.

Made to Measure

Tailoring means customization. An Alessandra Rinaudo’s creation isn’t simply a dress but also an exclusive service to your bride and Atelier. Made to measure designs following a woman’s silhouette, drawn on the body as a second skin.

The style department can support all boutiques in creating customized sketches for your bride. Enriching the total look with exclusive accessories such as, romantic veils, unusual shawls, gloves and precious jewels for a glamorous bride while also offering a corresponding trendy bridal shoes for a woman who never gives up her femininity.


Many beautiful brides have used this service and were very glad that they did!

There are many options out there, we want to use the example above the example above to illustrate the fact that a quality Italian wedding dress can easily be purchased directly form Italy!