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Espresso Machines

The hardest thing for me when I moved from Italy to NY was finding good coffee! I tried very hard to find a good coffee bar. Starbucks were everywhere, but the high prices, low quality, and the teenage baristas that didn’t know what they were doing made me decide not to go back.   I […]

Espresso Machines and Italians

To an Italian their first coffee in the morning is more than just a morning “cup of joe”. It is more like a religious experience! If you are familiar with Italian culture then you know what I mean and will likely get a kick out of this article. If you aren’t, then you will find […]

Cappuccino and Latte Art

What is latte art? Put quite simply it is making designs with steamed milk pure over coffee. It sounds simple, however, takes a lot to master. There are even world championships where baristas come from all over the world to show off their talent. It should come as no surprise that latte art originated in […]

Espresso, Cappuccino and “La Bella Vita”

  In my opinion Italian coffee is one of the best ways to illustrate the Italian way of life and la bella vita. In Italy quality is given much more importance than quantity, Italy still hasn’t fallen into the imperialistic idea that bigger is better, but still holds on to quality being the ultimate goal.   ITALIAN […]