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5 Italian Designers of Bridal Shoes that You Should Consider!

Any shoe enthusiast knows that Italian shoes are among the best in the world. The quality materials combined with centuries of expertise and passion for the perfect product has lead to an intimate industry of quality and artistic demonstrations. Italy rightfully has the reputation of being a top shoe producer. A bride’s wedding day is […]

Why Your Wedding Dress Doesn’t Need to Be White.

It seems to be an unwritten law that every bride wear white, however, it hasn’t always been this way. Throughout Italy there are several traditional customs that were used and I haven’t found any that included a white wedding dress until recent times. The Tuscans would actually use the opposite, a black wedding dress. They […]

La Bella Fashion!

When someone thinks about living La Bella Vita they often start by, envisioning themselves racing a Maserati, or a Ducati to their super-yacht where they take in the aroma of fine Tuscan wine and then enjoy its’ harmony with the sumptuous, perfectly paired meal. The next logical step in this —all to common fantasy—  is to […]

Living La Bella Vita!

Welcome to my Blog: La Bella Vita! I would like to start by explaining who I am, why I chose to start this blog and what exactly “La Bella Vita” means to me…   My name is Gian Riccardo DiCandia, I was born in the US, where my family emigrated from Apulia, a beautiful region […]

The Big Names In Italian Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion Of Italy

Italian designers have always made menswear a focus. From belts to shoes to elegant suits, it is easy to find high-quality Italian clothing that is made for men. While most people are familiar with brands like Gucci or Dolce & Gabanna, they may not know some of the up and coming names in Italian mens […]

The History Of Italian Fashion


It’s clear that Italy is a big part of the fashion world today. Some of the largest and best-known fashion houses are based in Italy; other fashion lines employ Italian designers. Brands like Armani, Valentino, and Versace are admired the world over. Nearly every celebrity has worn the clothing of an Italian designer at one […]

What You Should Know About Italian Art

Mysteries Of Italy

Italian art has had a significant impact in the world at large. Many artists have been influenced by Italian works. Famous Italian statues and paintings have been featured in songs, films, and even TV shows. Art from Italy can be found in major museums all around the world. If you’re a fan of Italy’s art, […]