Ferrari: 70 Years and Counting 

A legend was born on March 12, 1947. That was the very day that the young, aspiring Italian mechanic Enzo Ferrari revved up the engine of the first car to bear his name the mythical 125 S. It was an amazing car for its’ time. The 125 S helped catapult his car into the racing world and eventually to the elite top of the world of luxury super cars.
The small factory in Maranello Italy has since become iconic. It is a true symbol of inspiration! Many talk about the “American Dream”, that is, building up something from nothing. But, these things don’t only happen in America. If you want a rags to riches story with an iconic ending then look no further than this factory and its persistent mechanic, Enzo Ferrari.
It was post war and Italy was torn down. Most young Italians were immigrating abroad to NY, Australia, Argentina or Brasil. But Enzo Ferrari wasn’t about to leave his home, his family or his beloved world of cars and racing. He was able to take his passion and use it to his, and the rest of the worlds’, benefit!

Photo credit: mastrobiggo via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA


Some qualities that most iconically successful people have in common are: persistence and determination combined with optimism. These are qualities that, thankfully, Enzo Ferrari did not lack!
The first debut of the 125 S on the race circuit in Piacenza, was a complete disaster! What would you feel if you saw your main project in life, your “baby” car, pulled out of its’ first race because of a mechanical failure? Would you have gone in to a depression, would you have quit?
Not Enzo Ferrari! He described the race as “a promising failure”. He knew the potential that the car had and was determined to get it right. Get it right he did! The 125 S went on to win almost half of the 13 races that it competed in within the following four months!
Those were the first of over 5,000 victories that Ferrari went on to garner over the next 70 years, and everything indicates that the numbers will just keep multiplying!


Just what will the next 70 years bring? We can only imagine! The iconic models will surly continue to get better. However, Ferrari is not stuck in the past, as magnificent as it may be.
Right now they are working on several projects, the most fascinating of them in my opinion are the hybrids and the V6 prototype.
Interestingly, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne made a very bold statement when he declared  that every Ferrari sold from 2019 on will be a hybrid of some sort. What exactly did he mean? Only time will tell! If you want to read more on the hybrids there is a great post here:
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There is also a neat article with some “paparazzi” pictures of the new Ferrari F588 prototype, along with some interesting speculations about a V6 Engine:
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Whatever the future brings, one thing is for sure: any apparent failures will be “promising” 😉
I would like to conclude with this amazing video that truly captures the emotion of 70 Years of Ferrari: