How to create a Tuscan Style Bedroom

If you have ever slept in a well designed tuscan villa then you know how incredible of an emotion it is to wake up in a beautifully decorated Tuscan style bedroom. From the moment you open your eyes you feel a mixture of joy, serenity, and satisfaction. 

It would be a great thing to feel that every morning, no? The elements of Tuscan design seem to greatly effect these emotions, in this article we will examine some of the basic elements and how you can recreate this elegant, yet simple and striking design.

What is Tuscan design?

Put simply Tuscan design is the architectural and decorating style that comes from the countryside of the Tuscany region in Italy. The design is greatly influenced by the amazing landscaping and the friendly, happy social culture of the Tuscans themselves.

Some main characteristics of the Tuscan style are: plaster walls painted with colors that make great use of natural lighting, tall windows, natural terra-cotta tiles floors that combine perfectly with rustic hardwood flooring, and exposed ceiling rafters.

Tuscan Bedrooms

Tuscan bedrooms usually combine a mixture of the above mentioned details. Of course you should start with the exposed rafters, plaster or stone walls and either terra-cotta tile or hardwood flooring. But, the finishing touches are what really make the bedroom. 

The furniture is usually oversized and rustic, made out of either wood or wrought-iron materials. Sometimes they combine different materials majestically, my favorite bedroom set actually combines wood with wrought iron and marble. Canopy beds are also a favorite.

Bedding is often rich and detailed, much of it is made out of dark rich silky materials with rope-like details. This style usually uses an assortment of mismatched and odd shaped pillows. Some tuscan styles are lighter in color and use more linen based materials. 

Rugs are usually used over the flooring, usually thrown in front of or centered under and around the bed.


Picking the Right Colors

Tuscan interiors usually emulate the colors of the surrounding countryside. Walls are usually Beige, light yellow, cream or sometimes have an orangish tone. Bedding can be darker tones, usually blues, reds, rose or browns. As we mentioned earlier the bedding can also be lighter earth tones. Of course the colors that you choose should match the use of natural stones and woods that you select for the room.

You can get lots of ideas online (Pinterest is our favorite!). Make different folders of the ideas that you like and you will find that the colors and basic style that fits you will start to come together!