How To Prepare Authentic Italian Food

Italian cuisine is loved the world over. You can find Italian-style restaurants in countries all across the world. However, the food that is served in these restaurants doesn’t always taste like the food that you would be served if you ate in Italy.


If you’re interested in authentic Italian food, you may want to learn how to cook it yourself. These tips will help you to prepare meals the same way Italian chefs do.




Heat Your Oil With Your Food

Many recipes will instruct you to heat up your oil before you add any food to the pan. However, many Italian chefs recommend heating everything together. Heating everything at once can help to draw out the flavor of many of the ingredients that are commonly used in Italian dishes, such as fresh garlic.


Add Olive Oil To Your Butter

If you’re creating a dish that calls for butter, try mixing a small amount of extra virgin olive oil in with your butter. The oil will give the butter a more interesting flavor, and it will also keep the butter from burning.

Store Your Capers In Water

If you purchase capers at the grocery store, you will often find them stored in vinegar. However, if you are trying to make an authentic Italian meal, you should look for capers that are stored in water instead.

If the only capers you can find are ones that are soaked in vinegar, take the time to rinse them before you start preparing your meal. You should also allow them to sit in the water for at least 15 minutes; this will help to draw out the flavor of the salt.

Always Use Fresh Herbs

Try to avoid using dried herbs in your cooking. You’ll get a much better flavor from herbs that are freshly cut. Ideally, you should cut your herbs just before you use them. The taste — and the aroma — will be absolutely fantastic. Your home will smell like a real Italian kitchen!


Easy on the Parmesan Cheese

While Parmesan cheese is commonly paired with Italian dishes in the United States, it isn’t actually that popular in Italy. Instead, Italian chefs tend to use Romano cheese. This cheese pairs very well with the red sauces that are so common in Italian dishes.


Use Authentic Recipes Whenever Possible

If you want to create dishes that taste truly authentic, you shouldn’t rely on American cookbooks. Instead, you should try to use recipes that come straight from Italy. It’s fairly easy to find translated versions of classic Italian recipes online; try using one of these recipes the next time you cook.


There’s nothing like the taste of authentic Italian food. Italian chefs have mastered the art of cooking, and there is a lot that we can learn from them.


If you love to eat Italian food, you should try to learn more about how it is made. With a little bit of practice, you should be able to make the same sort of dishes that are enjoyed in homes all across Italy.

Enjoy Yourself!

Beautiful young couple is talking and smiling while cooking in kitchen at home. Woman is drinking wine while her man is frying food


Italians love to cook as much as they love to eat! Enjoy the moment, enjoy the smell and texture of the fresh ingredients. Put on some nice relaxing Italian music, open up a bottle of good wine and if possible find someone to share the moment with.

Follow the advice from this article and you will find that not only will your food taste a lot better, but preparing it will be almost as enjoyable as actually eating it!