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In Vino Veritas – Italian Wine

in-vino-veritasThe expression in vino veritas comes from the Romans. It is still widely used in Italy today and refers in a humorous way to the fact that we speak our mind after a glass or two. It isn’t uncommon to see an Italian raise his glass with a smile and say “in vino veritas” after a friend has just said something that he may not have if not for the wine that he was enjoying!

I have always liked the expression and to me it is symbolic of the intriguing beverage that we call wine, so I have decided to use the expression regularly in my blog.

In this article we give a basic introduction to Italian wines, some ideas for combining wine with food —both in drinking & cooking— we will also discuss buying wine online and some interesting decor ideas. I will also be writing regular blog posts that profound all of these subjects.

Below are two interesting videos, the first one gives some basics on a subject that a lot of people are talking about lately, how to host a wine party and the second one gives more specific details on blind wine tasting parties.

I plan on writing some articles on wine parties and especially blind tasting wine parties in the future. For now these two videos do a good job and give some great suggestions:


Here is the second video on blind wine tasting parties:



An important part of any blind wine tasting party is having nice wine score cards! I had fun putting some together for my personal use and have decided to share them with you. I think they came out pretty nice! Especially if you print them in color. Click the image to the right and you can print some out… as long as you don’t try to sell them 😉



I humbly recognize —after being told so many times— that many visitors to this site are more interested in buying products than hearing what I have to say 😉 So I will continue with some links. I am in the process of scouring the internet for great deals, wine clubs and interesting books that can be found on the best of sites, however, since this blog is still at its’ beginning I decided for the time being to show some of the best Amazon products.

I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised at the selection that Amazon offers, as well as comforted by the honest reviews that have made the company famous and reliable. So, for the time being enjoy looking at some of the links below:


Winery background. Wineglass with bottle of red wine and cluster of grape on wooden table. Toned image

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Search Amazon’s surprisingly large selection of wines, great wine club options and of course their famous customer reviews that can help you find that perfect bottle that you are looking for.


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Great Recipes for the Perfect Glass of Wine

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This video is great! The other day I tried to take get rid of some pallets and everyone wanted money to get rid of them. That is when I remembered having seen a wine and glass rack made out of a pallet.

I would tell you how I did it, but this video does a much better job at explaining and illustrating how to make one. If you decide to give it a try, I highly suggest staining it a dark color when you are done!



Fine selection of crustacean for dinner. Steamed lobster with bottle of white wine closeup

It’s no secret that a glass of wine can change its’ flavor and adapt to its’ surroundings, or that the food we eat can either drastically improve the wine that we drink or take away from its grandeur.

The secret is how can you combine the right wine with the right food. How to do so is a million dollar question, one that is not that simple to answer. Some have tried to over simplify it by saying that white wine goes with seafood and red wine with meat. This may be a good simple guideline, however, I questioned its’ accuracy the first time I had a good glass of Valpolicella with an exquisite Salmon dish. There is a lot more involved in combining wines with dishes, it is an art that can be mastered with a little effort.

Whereas it can be a complicated process, there are a few principals… CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING


If you want another video you might also enjoy this short documentary, I decided to include it here since I really enjoyed it. They really captured the feeling of Southern Italy’s wine countries and gave great explanations. The documentary is elegant, simple and really makes you want to either travel to Italy or at least open up a good bottle of wine!

Comical Wine Holders!

There are several others in this collection to choose from, click here to see them all!


Wine is one of the oldest beverages around, and it seems to have been a favorite from day one! The oldest known winery dates back to around 4100 BC! The winery was discovered by archeologists in what is now the country of Georgia. The grape seeds where analyzed and it was discovered that they used a grape that is still used today to make wine the Vitis vinifera vinifera. To quote CNN, “Forget France. It turns out, the real birthplace of wine may be in a cave in Armenia.” Of course I think we would all agree that the Italians were the ones to perfect the process 😉

Wine is mentioned frequently in many ancient texts the Bible makes its’ first mention of wine in Noah’s time —around the same time that the winery in Armenia was being used— there are many Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict wine, and obviously Greek and Roman pottery, mosaics etc. that left their trace for us to see today.

It is no wonder that the art of making wine has long stood the test of time!