Is a Wine Rack or Wine Cooler Best?

Wine racks are a great and beautiful way to store your wine. When a wine rack is installed properly in the right environment it can help to conserve your wine and age it properly. 

Wine racks are also a great way to showcase your wine and add a nice decoration to any room. If you are a wine enthusiast, just seeing your rack filled with choice wines can change the way you feel while in the room that showcases it. 


The Differences Between Wine Coolers and Wine Racks


Wine racks and wine coolers have the same basic purpose: to store and age wine. The main difference, other than the esthetically one, is that wine racks can only be used effectively in the right climate.

If you live in the tropics, for example, you would be much better off with a wine cooler to control the temperature and humidity of your wine. However, if you live in a moderate climate and the temperature in your house doesn’t go above 70 degrees a wine rack will work just about the same, while using less electricity and looking a lot nicer. 


The Wine Aging Factor


Another important question that you should ask when deciding between a wine rack or a wine fridge is how long you want to store your wine. 

If you want to age your wine for a few years or even a few months a wine cooler would be the safest be. However, if you plan on drinking your wine within a few weeks or up to a couple months then a wine rack would be a great way to do so as long as it isn’t too hot in your house and you keep the wine out of direct sunlight. 

Why Not Use Both?


If  you have a hard time deciding between a wine rack or a wine cooler there is one foolproof solution: buy them both! You can always leave some bottles in the wine cooler allowing them to age, while keeping the bottles that you will consume within a reasonable amount of time on display in your wine rack. 

If you choose to do this you can bring the bottle to the ideal temperature by putting it in the wine fridge shortly before you open it. 

When you shop around for a wine rack there are several things to keep in mind, other than aesthetics. In a later article we will go into detail about how to pick the perfect wine rack, however, for now we would just like to mention that vertical wine racks should only be used for short periods of time. 



Horizontal racks are the best since they keep the cork moist, allow the wine to breathe, and keep any sediment on the side of the bottle instead of the cork as tilted wine racks will do.

Stay tuned for more articles and tips that will help you enjoy your wine to the fullest!