Italian Towns Worth Taking a Picture of

There are few things as fascinating to me as the art of building. Nowadays it seems that most buildings are designed to be built as fast and cheap as possible with emphasis on practicability.

However, there was a time in the past when buildings were works of art and construction workers were artists, artists that left behind legacies that still call out to those who pass by them today!

Italy has a unique history, one that has fused many cultures and ways of life into its’ soul. This fusion can be seen in an intriguing way through its’ architecture.

The natural landscape itself in Italy is often breathtaking, when you add beautiful towns, many of which have evolved over literally thousands of years, the result is often amazing.

The gallery below celebrates the beauty that can be found in the way certain towns and cities blend in with the landscaping to create a perfect ‘marriage’ between nature and the art of building.


Cefalu is a beautiful Sicilian fishing village/city that is worth going all the way down there to spend some time in! I love the picture above because of the way that it captures the enchanting feeling of Cefalu at night, something that I didn’t think was possible to capture!


Positano is a truly amazing city! There is a certain feeling that you get when you suddenly come upon a breathtaking panorama while walking through the narrow streets if this city that is unexplainable! A walk down its’ famous beach at sunset is also well worth it!


The Roman thermal baths in the Tuscan Village of Bagno Vignoni, are definitely worth a day trip. As you relax in the therapeutic waters the architecture that surrounds you will be sure to inspire!


Montefioralle is a beautiful medieval town in Chianti, Tuscany. When most people hear “Chianti” they think of one thing… Well I guess this would be a great place to open one up!


In my gallery on Italian beaches I splurged and dedicated two pictures to Oltranto. just in case you were wondering: I love Oltranto! I also feel justified in including the above picture in this gallary of beatiful italian cities!

I lived in Napoli (Naples) for several years. but, no matter how many times I saw the Vesuvius volcano hovering over the city so majestically situated in the Bay, may heart would always jump!


VILLA BALBIANELLO. I can’t think of a more worthy place for this villa than Lago di Como. The amazing lake with its’ breathtaking views of the Italian Alps give Villa Balbianello a surreal setting. That is probably why it hasn’t gone unnoticed by Hollywood! Next time you watch Casino Royale you will know exactly where the beautiful villa was in the end. You may also recognize it in Star Wars!


So, after seeing these pictures I’m sure you are as motivated as I am to visit Italy. Whatever you do, don’t forget you’re camera!