La Bella Fashion!

When someone thinks about living La Bella Vita they often start by, envisioning themselves racing a Maserati, or a Ducati to their super-yacht where they take in the aroma of fine Tuscan wine and then enjoy its’ harmony with
the sumptuous, perfectly paired meal.

The next logical step in this —all to common fantasy—  is to notice the fine designer clothes that they imagine wearing.

What do you see yourself —our the one accompanying you— wearing while eating your fine Italian meal aboard your super-yacht?

Ok, now back to reality! 🙁

The truth is that most of us can’t experience the luxury of the above scenario, however, one of the things in it that is quite a bit easier to obtain are fine Italian clothes.


Some of the largest and best-known fashion houses are based in Italy; and even many non-Italian fashion lines employ Italian designers and tailors. Brands like Armani, Valentino, and Versace are admired the world over. Nearly every celebrity has worn the clothing of an Italian designer at one point or another. Today, Milan is considered to be one of the major fashion capitals of the world. While Florence can’t compete with cities like Paris, New York, and Tokyo, it also plays a major role in the fashion world. There are also fashion houses based in Naples, Vicenza, and Bologna.

Of course this is no mere coincidence, Italy truly deserves its’ VIP place in the world of fashion!


While I was living in Italy I guess I took the quality of the clothes for granted. It wasn’t until I moved back to New York and went shopping that I realized that the quality of the clothes in America were not anywhere near the quality of Italian made clothes, many times even when you pay top dollar!


No to mention the fact that “American” clothes are usually made in China, India or Vietnam! True, some Italian designers have moved abroad, however, most of them are still MADE IN ITALY or at least in Europe.

I am not prejudice in any way, in fact, I personally know some great Asian tailors and craftsmen. However, when a company goes overseas to save money, a decline in the quality of the materials and workmanship is imminent.

Think about it, they still have to pay their employees, then they have to pay to ship the merchandise across the world, then they have to pay taxes to bring the merchandise into their own country. In order to make a profit these savvy, modern, imperialistic companies have to cut some corners. The fact that they went overseas to produce their product shows that they are in the corner cutting frame of mind!


Anyway enough of that, I’m sure you aren’t here to listen to me rant and rave! 😉


I would like to conclude this article with some advise on buying Italian name brands online.


The first online market place that is fully dedicated to online marketing of multi Italian luxury retailers was This “authority” on online Italian fashion is still one of the best places to shop online for real Italian fashion.


 One of the best things about these guys is that every single piece sold on is 100% authentic. So,they are a great place to ensure that you are getting the real thing!


Based in Beverly Hills, CA, is revolutionizing the online distribution of luxury clothes, shoes and accessories.


ItalistA great advantage to shopping with them is that they provide us customers with a larger offering than traditional luxury retailers, PLUS limited edition items and very specific SKUs found only in Italy, from legendary brands, to the most promising emerging designers.


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