Learn Italiano!

a chalkboard with the question parli italiano? do you speak Italian? written in Italian, a pot with pencils, some books and the flag of Italy, on a wooden desk

So, you want to learn to speak Italian? You are not alone! Most of us would love to learn another language, however, few actually achieve fluency in a second language, let alone a second or third. Before you get discouraged I assure you that this does not have to be your case! There are several mistakes that most people make when deciding to learn another language and there are some easy fixes!

The course in the banner below, for example, has some amazing characteristics… True I already speak Italian, but —as a self proclaimed polyglot— I am constantly studying languages and looking for new methods. This course really impressed me! Why not take a look?



On this blog I hope to help you get around some of the pitfalls that many people fall into and help you learn at an accelerated rate. How can I make such a claim? Not only am I a self Beautiful woman speak. Bubble country flagtaught polyglot —that is someone who speaks four or more languages— but I also have years of experience teaching others, not to mention a B.A. degree in education…

So, please take me seriously when I say that I can help you!

I will be writing extensively on this blog about learning Italian and other languages, so stay tuned!


For now I’d like to share some helpful and motivational videos. Below is a TED talk from the great Irish Hyper-polyglot Ben Lewis, you may have heard of him, he is the author of a great book, Fluent in Three Months and a really interesting blog. He has some great ideas, most of which I agree with very much!

 This video below is not only very interesting, but it can also be very motivational to know the healthy ‘side-effects’ of learning another language!

As I mentioned before I will be writing shortly with other great links and suggestions and motivation, so stay tuned 😉

In the meantime here is a great travel book if you are planning a trip and don’t have time to learn much Italian first:

 ITALY FROM THE INSIDEebook_e-cover_medium is a great book, written by someone who —like me— as spent considerable time on both continents. Francesca Tosolini was born and raised in Trieste, Italia before moving to Seattle, WA. When she moved back to Italy she for the first time saw Italy the way that Americans would see it and understood the many things that puzzle Americans. This book is really fascinating. I enjoyed it because it explains all of those little things that I always had to tell my friends that came to visit me from the states.

If you don’t have a friend in Italy that can guide you through things like buying a train ticket —believe me it’s harder than it sounds— then this book just might be your salvation! To see a preview of the book Click Here!