Luxury Sports Cars – Made in Italy

It would be impossible to talk about la bella vita without images of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Alfa-Romeos coming to mind!

Italian cars have long been coveted by all men that likes cars — I think that would be all of us 😉

This page is obviously dedicated to Italian cars, it will include links to my blog posts that have to do with Italian cars, I will also frequently add inspiring videos and posters. I am sure that you will enjoy the information that I post here!

To start out I would like to share this incredible video from Ferrari of the new 488 Spider, it is sure to make your heart race!

On the other end of the spectrum is Alfa Romeo’s long awaited luxury SUV, which is amazing!!! Even though it is a SUV it is said to handle better than most sports cars! I personally am a huge Alfa Romeo fan, ever since my first one was back in 1991, it was a Ferrari Red Alfa 33. What a fun car to drive around!

I have recently became a fan of SUV’s and was very happy when Alfa announced its’ SUV the Stelvio. I think that is a fitting name, the Stelvio Pass is found in the Italian Alps not only does it offer a breathtaking Panorama, but it was also the location of the highest and coldest battlefield of World War I. Now the name takes on a whole new meaning!

I really enjoyed the video below as I believe you will also!

Alfa Romeo has long been coveted in Italy, they are a bit more accessible by the general public than Ferraris —and other “super cars”— however, the emotion of driving them can be comparable!

In the United States Alfa Romeo was made famous from its’ debut in several classic movies, one of the most notable being the classic French Film Le Memphris (Contempt) staring Bridget Bardot. Bardot had to share the spotlight in this particular film not with another actress, but with the her red little 2600 Alfa Romeo Spider.

If you are in the mood for a classic movie this one is definitely worth watching, both for the Alfa and Bardot!