Reasons to Buy a Wine Cooler

Wine has been around and enjoyed for thousands of years, in contrast wine cooler refrigerators are a recent invention. Many think of wine coolers as optional or non necessary items, others swear by them and think everyone should have a wine cooler in their home.

This article will explain in a neutral way why wine coolers are a good idea and what the benefits are of having a wine cooler fridge in your home. 


A Brief Background on Wine Cooler Fridges


In the old days wine coolers didn’t exist, however, the idea of chilling wine actually goes back to the Romans. That shouldn’t be a surprise since Italy still has the best wine in the world (but that is just my opinion 😉 ). The ancient Romans actually made rooms, or made use of caverns, close to rivers where ice was collected and stored and used specifically to store wine. This was different from a wine cellar or cave since it was “artificially cooled”, resulting arguably in the first wine cooler fridges.

Of course wine cellars were much more common and accessible both in ancient times and more recent times. Most Italians still have and use wine cellars today, however, most apartments don’t allow for such a luxury.


Reasons to Use Wine Cooler Fridges


Most wine lovers agree that red wine is better at room temperature and should not be put into a regular fridge, so why would you buy a wine fridge? Wine fridges, or coolers, are different from regular refrigerators in that the temperature and humidity can be controlled with more accuracy and is kept much higher. In fact most wine coolers don’t go below 45 degrees F. 

Hot summer days: If you have ever opened a bottle of wine that was on a wine rack or countertop during a hot summer day, then you know that it isn’t ideal. Temperature is essential to keeping the integrity of wine intact and also affects greatly the taste of wine when consumed. In fact any temperature of 70 degrees is not ideal for wine. 

Ideal storage and consumption temperatures are included on the label of most good wines, if you respect these you will enjoy the wine a lot more. Of course if you are buying high end wine this is much more important. Anyone who pays over a hundred dollars for a bottle of wine wants to enjoy it to the max. So it makes no sense to risk the integrity of the wine by storing it a too high of a temperature, or to serve it at a temperature that would take away form its best flavor. 



Aging wine, is a favorite task among collectors and wine enthusiasts alike. Most bottles of wine will have a specific year in which the wine will be at its peak. There really is a great emotion to buying a good bottle of wine and waiting for just the right time, when it should be at its peak, to open it! Of course the stored temperature is essential to doing this. Therefore if you want to age wine, a wine cooler is essential to the process.

Wine corks are breathable, this means not only that strong odors can be absorbed into the wine, but also the humidity in the wines environment is important. Wine fridges allow for humidity control as well as the fact that the fridge is sealed and therefore odor protected. 



These are just a few of the reasons that wine cooler fridges are a good idea to have. We hope you enjoyed this article and we hope that it has helped educate you a little more towards the finesses of the wonderful world of wine!