Buon Appetito!

At first I started this page off with the above diet as a joke. But, it really helped a lot of people! So, if you want to be able to eat more without such a heavy conscious you might want to give it a try! 😉  Click Here!


This page is dedicated to those who want to find just the right taste! It will include regularly updated videos links and interesting information that food lovers will enjoy!

If you were born in Italy, have lived in Italy for any length of time, or just want to experience the true flavor of Italian delicacies… Then this page is for you!



When living in Napoli fresh mozzarella was a daily consumption for me, one I couldn’t go without. Even after 3 years I still couldn’t get tired of it!

When I moved back to NY it was hard to find really good mozzarella fresca, so I decided to learn to make it!

I found this great receipe that only requires 4 ingredients and less than 1 hour of time! So if you have a few dollars to spare in ingredients and an hour of free time go ahead and give it a try!

Below is another great video. If you really want to get professional you might want to give it a try. This is one of the best videos that I have found so far. I think you might enjoy and I hope it inspires you. Anthony Agostino really knows what he’s talking about!

Once you’ve made some freash mozzerella cheese you might want to try the following recepie with it… Of course you don’t have to use your homemade cheese for it 😉


One of the other things that I started to really miss —especially the first winter back in NY— was Italian hot chocolates. Cioccolata Calda (hot chocolate) in Italy is completely different from what is called hot chocolate in America. The difference is even bigger than that of espresso Italiano and cafe Americano!

In Italy I never thought of making one at home. It is easy enough to just walk into a coffee bar and order one (the craving for one usually comes when you are walking down a chilly street anyway).

However, in NY I couldn’t find anything like Cioccolata Calda. I tried making chocolate pudding and drinking it before it set up… That was pretty good, however, not quite the same.

The video below is what finally helped me fill the enormous void of not having Cioccolata Calda anymore:


It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Italians have a hard time adjusting to the food in America, surprisingly that also applies to home cooked meals! That is because it is hard to get the right ingredients here and things —including home cooked meals— just don’t taste the same. That is unless you have access to the right ingredients!

Nowadays the internet has greatly changed the options and the quality of home cooked Italian meals in America! Even the best in the kitchen are surprisingly limited by the ingredients that they have access to, so we hope this page will help you cook like in Italia!

Just click on the links below access our page on the subjects! Buon Appetito!













I have also decided to include a favorite pastime, fruit carving, even though it isn’t of Italian origin I have gotten more laughs and enjoyment out of humorous fruit trays and carvings in Italy than anywhere else! When an Italian invites you to dinner it is very important to bring something with you, usually a bottle of wine or a dessert. The problem is that Italians know their wine and are particular about their desserts.

I learned that humorous fruit trays are a great way around this problem! They don’t cost much and are very appreciated, not to mention a great conversation piece, believe me if you learn this trick you will always make a bella figura! In the BOOK section ABOVE there are some great books that are sure to inspire you if you want some fruit carving ideas.