Salumi — Italian Cured Meats



4.65 lb Gourmet Italian Meat Lovers Gift Basket

This beutiful package is even more delecious than it looks! It includes almost 5 pounds of specially selected dry-cured Italian meats from 5 different regions of Old World Italy, enjoy classics like pepperoni and salami in addition to artisan wine cured specialty products!




Italian prosciutto on rustic background

Del Duca Sliced Prosciutto

This stuff takes me right back to Italy!

Once you get the package take a look at the ingredients… There are only two: Meat & Salt! That gives “no preservatives a whole new meaning!




Italian prosciutto on rustic background


This stuff is almost impossible to get in the States, most Americans and many Italian Americans don’t even know what it is. It is basically the same as prosciutto except it comes from beef instead of pork.

If you know what it is you need to order some! If you haven’t ever tried it… You also need to order some and experience it!



Italian Luxuries Gift Basket

 This premium gift includes 5.7 pounds of only the finest gourmet treats. This luxurious collection of international specialties is an ideal way to impress someone who may be hard-to-please. Beautifully hand-packed and guaranteed to arrive in perfect condition!