The Big Names In Italian Mens Fashion

Mens Fashion Of ItalyItalian designers have always made menswear a focus. From belts to shoes to elegant suits, it is easy to find high-quality Italian clothing that is made for men.

While most people are familiar with brands like Gucci or Dolce & Gabanna, they may not know some of the up and coming names in Italian mens fashion. Below, you’ll find out more about some of the Italian designers that have made a mark on fashion.


Incotex specializes in fashion-forward casual looks. They believe that men can look stylish and smart even when they’re relaxing at home or hanging out at the beach.


The Corneliani brand has been around since the 1930s. When the original store first opened, they sold custom made coats for men. Today, Corneliani primarily makes men’s formal wear and separates. Their products are carried in a number of high-end department stores.


While Anderson’s may not sound like the name of an Italian menswear brand, it definitely is. It was founded by famed Italian designer Carlo Valenti. Valenti chose the name Anderson’s because of his love for English fashion.

This design house blends the best of U.K. fashion with classic Italian looks. They are especially known for producing high quality specialty belts.


Tod’s is another brand that is more Italian than it sounds. This brand, which is family owned, is known for producing luxurious leather shoes. Their footwear can be found in stores all over the world; their shoes have been worn by many Hollywood celebrities.


If you admire clothing with a retro aesthetic, you will definitely want to take a look at what this brand has to offer. Their clothing and styles harken back to the days of old. They even sell hats that can be worn with suits. Their fedoras are particularly popular.


Known for their quality tailoring, the Canali brand has been family owned since the 1930s. They create suits and high end pieces for men, but they also offer casual men’s separates. They are a great choice for men that was to look put together all the time.


Not every big-name Italian brand is offering classic looks and styles. Brioni has risen to prominence largely because they are willing to step outside the box and offer something that feels a little less conventional.

Brioni products are popular with men who prefer a bold and adventurous look. They offer things like printed suit jackets, graphic-printed shorts, and other stand-out styles.

Loro Piana

This brand started out as a fabric manufacturer. Eventually, they began to create their own styles. Today, they are considered to be a market leader when it comes to men’s cashmere products. They are also known for their elegant wool sweaters.

While some designers only focus on women, Italian designers are making clothing for everyone. If you take a closer look at Italian mens fashion, you should be able to find a number of eye-catching styles that appeal to you. There’s nothing like the elegant look of Italian menswear!