La Bella Vita Is All Around Us!


Italian is a a beautiful language. The Italian phrase La Bella Vita translates to ‘life is beautiful’. Most people often associate Italy with vacations and lots of romance. Apart from that, it is famed for numerous cloth and perfume designers. The italian culture is pretty interesting. Most people believe in family and stay with relatives.

With this kind of life, why wouldn’t anyone like to use the phrase? Most Sunday afternoons are spent with family members making lovely italian dishes that bring the family members together. This kind of tradition is what makes the italian life beautiful. Cooking recipes are passed on from mother to daughter to granddaughter and so on.

You will often find family recipes that have been passed one for decades. These are highly valued as means of keeping the family together.

Apart from that, there is also the use of the phrase as a tattoo. It is not rare to come across people who have the La Bella Vita tattoo on their bodies. This can be a reminder that life is always beautiful and should be treasured. Since the words are not long, they can be tattooed on the arm or the chest. If you are feeling a bit adventurous you can even decide to put it on your thigh.

Italian culture is also associated with art. Most of the world’s famous art was drawn by Italians. If you are an artist and are looking for an inspiration, you can use this phrase to draw the beauty of life then make the phrase the title of the painting this would be a fantastic idea to elevate the mood.

The art can range from drawings of happy couples in the famous gondolas. This is sure to make anybody see that life is indeed beautiful. You can also draw some of the beautiful landscapes that are in the country.

Italian people are usually warm, friendly and very generous. Thus, the phrase is also used to describe how people are expected to live. It reminds everyone to be happy and to give a little to those that do not have so as to have a long and beautiful life.

If you are a resident of Italy, you can use the phrase on your business, especially for hotels, spas or even tours. You can name your tour van or bus this to make the tourists enjoy the trip.

The phrase has been translated in to many languages, but saying it in italian is so catchy and feels like one is singing about how grand life is.

You can even have wine tasting events to showcase the Italian expertise on food and wine. Any person who appreciates good wine will be sure to come.

So next time you are feeling down, take a trip to italy and experience just how beautiful life is. If not, you can always print this phrase on your T-shirt and put a smile on your and possibly someone else’s face.